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It's my pleasure and benefit to fill in as the Director of S D Education Institute, Gaharra ki Piyau, Jagner Road Agra. Because it is my obsession as well as in light of the fact that I enjoy the organization of my beloved. Some of them are genius, talented and enthusiastic instructor's who keep me stimulated constantly. My father Shri Ram Singh is a prestigious Doctor and an extraordinary Social Worker. We established this school at public stag on 16-05-2016. It is not only one institute of many institutes out there in Agra but it is special for the facilities that the students get here. This institute is serving for the betterment of the locality. The blessing of our elders and support of our beloved have always motivated us to do better. From the beginning of this institute we have come far and still miles to go. For this we will always need your love and support. Keep supporting us..........
Make a Donation to spread free and quality Education to a larger Range. Your modest quantity will have enormous effect.

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S D Institute of Computer Education

S D Institute of Computer Education

Singhania University


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